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    Contiki is an open source, highly portable, multi-tasking operating system
    for networked memory-constrained networked embedded systems.
    A typical Contiki configuration is 2 kilobytes of RAM and 40 kilobytes of ROM.

    Contiki contains two communication stacks: uIP and Rime.
    uIP is a small RFC-compliant TCP/IP stack that makes it possible for
    Contiki to communicate over the Internet.
    Rime is a lightweight communication stack designed for low-power radios
    that provides a wide range of communication primitives and protocols,
    such as multi-hop data collection, multi-hop unicast mesh routing, and
    reliable multi-hop network flooding.

    Contiki consists of an event-driven kernel on top of which application
    programs are dynamically loaded and unloaded at runtime.
    Contiki processes use light-weight protothreads that provide a linear,
    thread-like programming style on top of the event-driven kernel.
    Contiki also supports per-process optional preemptive multi-threading,
    interprocess communication using message passing through events,
    as well as an optional GUI subsystem with either direct graphic support for
    locally connected terminals or networked virtual display with VNC or over Telnet.

    Contiki runs on a variety of platform ranging from embedded
    microcontrollers such as the MSP430 and the AVR to old homecomputers.
    Code footprint is on the order of kilobytes and memory usage can be configured
    to be as low as tens of bytes.

    Contiki web-server and web-browser conpiled from contiki version 2.3 are now
    available for download. Optimised for the IDE64 works on all C= drives enjoy!.

    BREADBOX64 is a twitter client for the C64/128 which allows you to tweet from
    a real C64 and show your friends timeline.
    It uses Contiki, a very nice embedded OS, and the MMC Replay cartridge with the
    RR-Net add on for the physical connection to the net. by Johan Van den Brande.

    About Contiki
    Unsupported & Unofficial Contiki Downloads
    • Download BREADBOX64 a twitter client for the C64
    • Download Contiki-2.1-unsupported-web-server-c64
    • Download Contiki-2.1-unsupported-web-browser-c64
    • Download Contiki-2.1-unsupported-irc-client-c64
    • Download Contiki-2.1-unsupported-email-clent-c64
    • Download Contiki-2.1-unsupported-ftp-client-c64

    Contiki 2.1 2.3 ide64 enhanced by soc
    Contiki 2.3 Downloads